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106. 12 Gifts of Good Health from Costco Connection

Linda Melone, a California based writer shared in The Costco Connection December 2012

“12 Gifts of Good Health

Instead of Giving your loved one a partridge in a pear ree and lords-a-leaping this year, why not give a healthful gift that keeps on giving?” and goes on to list 12 health tips.”


Let’s see how they compare to my Four Pillars of Health!

1. Molasses cookie, molasses has a weight loss health benefit (Pillar 3- healthy diet)

2. 2 ounces of almonds (#3 again)

Almonds are one of this Costco Columnist’s 12 healthy gifts for Christmas to help with diabetes

3. 3 ounces of salmon (#3)

4. 4 ounces of red wine (again #3)

5. 5 Yoga poses (#2 exercise)

6. 6 oz. Greek yogurt (#3)

7. 7 servings of veggies (#3)

8. 8 hours of sleep (#1 Sleep!)

9. 9 minutes of meditation (#4 all your other relationships in life)

10. 10 minutes of activities (#2 exercise)

11. 11 minutes of sunlight… (hmmm not on my list, but.. maybe #3 & 4  since it creates vitamin D, and also is relating to your environment)

12. 12 weeks of resistance training (#2 again)


So that affirms that we are on the right track, saying the same things with my FOUR Pillars of Health . The Costco health columnist’s advice is really advocating the same things I am.  Of course, for Costco, the food will be emphasized since Costco is primarily a food and home item store.

but I think my FOUR pillars: 1. Sleep, 2. Exercize, 3. Healthy Diet, and 4.  Relationships, are easier to remember than these 12 cute gifts, although they do make  better verses for the song.