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90. Some suggestions for cold remedies (part 2 of 2)

A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.Firstly you do not need antibiotics for a common cold. It’s a virus not a bacterial infection. Have honey & lemon mixed with hot water, use a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a hanky or use steam either in shower or in a basin for your nose, get plenty of rest (in bed asleep), keep your fluids up, take the ibuprofen for your headache.
Get well soon.
Hot toddy of whiskey, honey, and lemon. I hate taking medicine too.

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Antibiotics won’t touch a common cold. The only time antibiotics would help is if you developed a chest infection, or similar, on top of your cold. There is no cure at this time. Probably the drug used most often in colds is paracetamol ( acetaminophen in US and some other countries ). Paracetamol will help with pain and will also reduce inflammation in your upper airways and nose. It will also bring down a high temperature, although not everyone has one as a symptom of common colds. Ibuprofen will do similar things to paracetamol but can irritate your stomach. You can take them both at the same time as they are different classes of drug, but do not exceed their individual stated doses. Also be aware that some cold remedy drinks contain paracetamol, so if you take the tablets check any other products. If they contain paracetamol don’t take it. You may find the cold gets much better by itself before you go away.if your headaches are unbearable you should go to the emergency department or at least your GP, as it is unusual to get very severe headaches with a common cold. They are usually mild to moderate. if you have a cough you may have a mild chest infection too. Don’t take products which stop the cough. Cough up the stuff and spit it out into tissues as your body is trying to get rid of it. Taking vitamin C tablets or eating lots of citrus fruit may help to overcome the cold more quickly. Try to rest and drink plenty of fluid. I hope you feel better before you go away, take care :)

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89. Suggestions for best treatments for common cold (part 1 of 2)

REPOST FROM Yahoo’s “Ask” website,

she sounds desperate! Answers 4-5 make sense, especially the last one VERY GOOD. Notice that 4/5 DON’T want to take any medicine and the middle 3, non-medical advice all involve warm temperature remedies? and even answer #1 likes Theraflu…isn’t that supposed to be mixed with HOT  water?

If so, the only one that doesn’t include heat in the remedy is from the “health pro”

I just learned from it that “Probably the drug used most often in colds is paracetamol ( acetaminophen in US and some other countries…”  This echoes the Italian remedy of Bayer aspirin to feel better.

Sounds like this “health care pro” is from another country since s/he uses the non-U.S. name version… So perhaps its not only the U.S. doctors who keep  pushing medicines and saying temperature does not affect the cold virus?


Open Question

Common cold! HELP???


im currently experiencing a cold and i need it to go away fast i have plans in 4 days that cant be canceled. i have just common symptoms such as head ache,sore throat,congested nose, and tiredness. im not a big fan of using antibiotics, or over the counter medicine, but my headaches have been so bad that i finally decided i needed to take and ibuprofen. i have a nasal spray but it doesn’t help at all. if you have anything you could suggest that could help me i would love your input.

Answers (5)

I use the Theraflu cough syrups, they’re about the only thing I’ve ever found to help when I get a bad cold.
Have you tried The sauna