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104. Happy 2013 (with a virus bug) part 2

Continued from “Happy 2013” part 1

stock up on healthy soups for your default cold recovery diet

stock up your pantry on healthy soups for your default cold recovery diet

So both of those symptoms, the chills and cough,  I had before the possible virus, but today I just felt them more.

Which means maybe they were a setup, a weak spots in my health, and then catching the cold virus just made the symptoms worse.

In any case, I should  still treat them the same, warm and steamy things, warm shower, hot tub, warm drinks and food, turn up the thermostat a bit.

And by the end of this day I am feeling mostly better, so whatever it was,  whether virus or just worse symptoms of the menopause and throat irritation, I think I’m fighting  it off and will probably feel normal again by tomorrow.

Resting is a good thing for all of those!

Of course, the worry, especially with slightly unusual symptoms, is whether this is indeed a cold ORRRRR (cue dramatic music) could this be something more serious??? My mind races with the possible diseases this could be. There are so many to choose from!

So should I rush right in to the doctor to find out? Will a thousand dollar MRI scan reveal that my slight tickling cough in my chest is the beginning of a more horrible disease?

No, not yet. The right thing to do first is to try the OBVIOUS remedies for what the most obvious disease that my symptoms indicate!  Give it a few days with REST, Warm & Steamy diet and habits, and most likely it will go away quickly.

It’s only after you try the obvious remedies first, and then after you’ve eliminated the most likely probabilities if you still have unusual symptoms or symptoms that won’t go away, then, by all means scoot on in to see that expensive doctor, but only when you really need it.

The doctor, and you ,and I, and your pocketbook, and your appointment schedule, all would much prefer that you get better on your own!