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35. Nigerian cold remedy–warm & steamy

Emah Anyang grew up in Ibibio tribe in South Nigeria, in the oil rich region  It is just north of the Equator, on the West Coast of Africa. Nigeria is the most populated country of Africa.

This morning in Aptos, California, he shared his traditional tribal remedy for common colds with me, used by his family for thousands of years.

Nigeria gets common colds too

Nigeria gets common cold viruses too!

“We get colds in Nigeria but just during a certain season of the year. Then we have a special way to sweat out our colds.

In November, December, the Hamatam season the dry wind from the Sahara desert (north of Nigeria) blows acoss the country. In our part, when it mixes with the ocean air, it becomes very misty.

When you get up in the morning its like living in Aptos, its foggy, a little nippy, people find somewhere warming themselves, typically they burn dry leaves, make a fire to shake off the nippiness of the morning.

. And if you are sick, of course the treatment is to take the leaves of a local plant (I don’t remember which leaves),and boil them in hot water. Put it in a bowl and sit over it.  [you cover your whole body with a blanket. Like a tent, and breath in the steam from the boiled water]

The fumes go through your sinuses, go through your [body] and cleans yourself out. You can sit at least until most of the fumes are dissipated–  30-45 minutes. When you get out its like you are out of a shower, you are completely drained, your clothes are soaking wet like you poured water all over you.

I definitely felt much better right away. You definitely feel a tremendous relief.

People’s colds in our  usually last a few days, depending on how serious it is.

Everybody did the same thing. That was the standard remedy. Not just our family but everybody in the community did that. This is a little bit of what I remember that we use to do. It worked EVERY  time. Did it for 2,000 years. I was born into that, I grew up doing that.

Ibibio area is in southeastern, Cross River region of Nigeria

How common colds are treated in Nigeria

But unfortunately they might not be doing that at a significant level today. Just because of the availability of pharmeceutical treatments. That’s what the industry does. They convince you that they have their better way.”


Doctor’s Wife Analysis: Thanks Emah.  Warm & Steamy… sounds perfect! I wonder what the leaves are?