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65. Where does the best Medical Research come from?

Where is the best medical research from?

Well, yes, those countries and research institutions that have higher education standards tend to have better quality researchers.  But a good, honest, quality scientist can come from any country. And so can bad dishonest ones, educated or not.

medical research

Which countries have the best medical research?

So the ultimate answer is that we rely on the international medical community, and people like medical journalists, high and low, big and small to check on medical research. Medical journals are a good example. And many of them are collaborative researchers from many international scientists.

So to summarize, the important way that we really should know who is right or not is, to look at what research has been done, an whether it followed the scientific method very strictly or not.

This is the whole field of Cochrane Reviews, meta-reviews by scientific peers who analyze the research to evaluate how valid it is.

One strong indication that often is a strong influence is — who is funding the research? Scientists can of course be prejudiced in doing research, when they are being paid by a company who is hoping the research will show results that will earn the company money.

A LOT of money.

Billions of $$ in fact.  Americans spend $3 billion each year in Over-The-Counter medications for the common cold. and another $1 billion in prescription antibiotics (none of which work!)