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Trying to Prevent your kid getting sick FROM your Doctor visit

Funny story of trying to prevent children from getting sick FROM visiting the doctor’s office… if only she knew about Warm & Steamy method, maybe she could at least help her son get over some of the rhinovirus germs faster that he licked up there.

(used with permission from the Mom Blogger —  Parenting®   Illustrated with Crappy Pictures™

I hate well-child doctor visits. Especially once I started noticing that my kids would get sick approximately 48 hours after their well-child visits. Every. Damn. Time.

Oh sure, the waiting room has a designated “reserved for healthy kids” section but it is sort of like the division of smoking and non-smoking sections in an enclosed space.

So we had a well-child appointment for the baby and I was determined that no matter what, they were NOT going to get sick this time.

My plan was to not allow them to touch anything.  It was a good plan.

Which failed the moment my son touched the door handle. Yes, this was an obstacle I overlooked, but I was still determined to follow the original no touching plan from now on.

After all, the door handle was not my biggest obstacle.  It was the bookshelf.

The bookshelf has three levels.  The top two shelves are a jumble of books with tattered and sticky pages.  The bottom shelf houses toys.  The bookshelf is usually surrounded by kids who most likely have the plague.

Every mother knows that when your child is sick he gets to play with the toys. When your child is not sick you do everything in your power to avoid physical contact with the toys.

So my son takes a few steps toward the bookshelf while I’m signing us in.
I came prepared!  I have stickers, markers, new books and even a small puzzle. Surely I have something in my bag of tricks that will interest him more than the bookshelf.


Toys. New toys! He doesn’t see the green slime, the cesspool of germs. He doesn’t see the sleepless nights with the whining and crying and fevers. He only sees the toys.

I have to come up with something.  Fast!  Must follow the plan. Time for the big guns.

The phone! I hold it out and wiggle it a little to make it even more enticing.

He takes the bait.

And so we sit for the next fifteen minutes as kids and moms are shuffled in and out of the door.  My kids touch nothing.  Great success, the plan is working!


Before we know it, they call us back.


I’m feeling so victorious that I don’t even tell him to shut the phone off so he can walk properly. Instead, I put my hand on his head, guiding him.

So we get into the examination room. My son is still occupied on the phone. The doctor comes in and I’m busy balancing the baby on the scale.

The boy says he is done and hands me the phone. He is looking in the full length mirror.

I pay no attention to the mirror until he puts his mouth on it, doing that thing that kids do where they blow air and make their cheeks puff out.

And I notice how filthy it is. At least 20 other kids before him did this same trick.

I have him sit in the chair and I explain for the millionth time about germs and getting sick.

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41. Pillar # 4 — the most important — Relationships


Guess what? This is probably the most important part!


Relationships are the 4th Pillar of Health

Also, probably the most complicated and difficult too. But most rewarding, I believe.

If you don’t have this, then what is life for, anyway? It took me years to figure that out.

For more advice, you can turn to the REST of the internet, or your bookstore, or just about every magazine in the grocery store for help in this area.

Or email me if you want advice. I’ve got loads.(I also have lots of book ideas on this topic on my “to-write” list!)

And if you are still really big-time deficient in this, all sad and alone (NOT those of you who are happy and alone) then I send Hugs and Kisses to all of you!  Theme song for today from the most excellent James Taylor “Shower the people you love with love…tell them the way that you feel…”  That’s what life is FOR, baby!  So I’ll obey JT by telling YOU that I love ALL of you too!


BIG Tip from the ER!  — The MAJORITY of health problems Americans have today could be helped by improving these 4 Pillar areas!  Really!

Of course life is complex, and so are we.  I’m not promising that your effort in these 4 areas solves EVERY problem in your life… but these is definitely the right place to start. More to come on each of these areas

And then…after you do take good care of yourself in these 4 important areas, and still have unsolved problems, then its time to get more help.

Yep, (don’t worry Bob!) there still is a need for doctors…


24. Survey of Sports Team Members Absences Due to Common Cold virus

At my son’s sport team fundraiser event today…

After MONTHS of planning for this event…BOTH the coach and the parent coordinator had to miss it.. due to upper respiratory illness. One was diagnosed as pneumonia,after fighting what felt like a Common Cold for more than an week. Common cold red and green face

The other self-diagnosed as “feeling like crap.”

As the coach and I discussed my Common Cold advice and upcoming book he said that he likes Dr. Bob’s good advice and is following it because he thinks it really works. He also said he always gets lots of communication from his team players about their missing practices and games due to Common Colds and related diseases.

He wants our team to WIN!

So since he is highly motivated to do what he can to reduce the absences from his team practices and games. (me too)…

…AND he personally agrees with our Warm & Steamy advice being effective, he has just offered to review his past emails from the players to “mine the details” related to Cold virus illnesses and get a team-wide survey from the past season or two to count how much time was missed due to Common Cold and viruses.

Often we don’t notice  the QUANTITY of missed time and productivity happening around us, due to Common Cold suffering. But when we add it up, it can be a LOT! So if we can reduce it by half, or even a part, that can make a big difference in the quality of our daily lives.

This is the purpose of my blog. To give you the best information from around the world and from our own medical research and experience to help you get rid of YOUR common colds as fast as possible.