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94. REPOST: Feeling ill: Common cold or common core? (part 1 of 2)

Here is a slightly funny essay comparing the common cold to the “virus” of over-proliferation of teaching standards in the U.S. educational system

…and how we should question authorities to see if there is actual evidence to prove their theories correct

…. Similar to what we should do in our healthcare. Show me the proof for all these common cold remedies! Amazing how most of the popular cold remedies have very scanty proof indeed.

And by the way, he does discuss his own weird cold (or sounds more like flu to me, higher fever )

NOTE: as a non-expert, but highly educated, cold sufferer, his offhand impressions as a cold victim (some might call it common sense…)

• it is “related to cold weather”

• remedies are rest at home, (especially for flu) hot tea, tissues and humidifier

• “Often times the best ways to fi

This cold sufferer likes ginger tea

what ails you begin at home.”

That 3d one is good advice for colds, flu and a lot of things in life!!!

– Peggy The Doctor’s Wife




Feeling ill: Common cold or common core?

By Christopher Lehman on December 13th, 2012 Like seemingly everyone I know, I have been struck with the oddest seasonal cold I have ever had.

Now well into it’s second week of existence, the virus has been a roller coaster of feeling 100% okay one hour and then sweating, coughing, body aching my way through a read aloud with sixth-graders the next. It was so terrible the school’s assistant principal agreed I should go home with the sincere direction: “go get better.”

It’s been a leaving work early, nightstand full of tissues, muscles on fire, kind of a cold. Not knowing how you will feel from minute to minute, roller-coaster from aches to calm and back again, piles of stuff next to your bedside seem to be the symptoms of another national outbreak: Common Corefluenza.