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97. Can dizziness be a symptom of common cold?

The person below wonders if nausea and dizziness can be symptoms of a cold.

The poor guy already has sore throat red and coughing and runny nose. No fever, so those can all be cold symptoms. The dizziness and nausea can be caused from dehydration or most likely from a virus, either a flu or similar virus. The dizziness could cause the nausea or vice versa.

So my recommended treatment is similar in all those cases, whether it is from just a cold virus, or a flu virus, or also from dehydration… drinking plenty of warm liquids, such as hot tea or just warm water (or any drink you warm up), and breathing warm steamy air, and eating some healthy foods. That would be the best care for both cold, sore throat and the flu, and whether the nausea is caused by dehydration or caused by a virus. Dizziness and nausea are good reasons to lay in bed and rest for a while, until you feel better.

And the sooner you do all these, the faster you will get better, so best to really take care of yourself as soon as possible when you feel the symptoms coming on.

can dizziness and nausea be symptoms of common cold?

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife


REPOST From “Answers”

Ally asks:

What do these symptoms sound like? Common cold?

He has a sore throat, it’s also red, and he’s coughing. He’s dizzy and sick to his stomach with a runny nose. No fever or anything else.

Answers (2)


The dizzy and nausea doesn’t sound like the common cold but the rest do

  • 3 days ago
  • Tres
  • Everything is the symptoms of a cold, if he pukes its probably from motion sickness experienced from the dizziness. I’ve been threw this before. But if you’re really worried, make him see a doctor.

    • 3 days ago