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67. How Much Evidence for Other Cold Remedies?

Now that I’ve asserted that I’m basing my assertions for Warm & Steamy cold remedy methods on the BEST of medical research, what about other cold remedies?

Over-The-Counter common cold remedies

Over-The-Counter cold rmedies fill an aisle at our local CVS pharmacy

How much weight of evidence is there for other popular cold remedies?

How much weight of evidence is there for the other remedies for treating the common cold?  And there are a LOT of other remedies out there.  Many websites, both high level prestigious websites, such as our U.S. government Pubmed, and National Institutes of Health, and Center For Disease Control websites, which have much overlapping similar information, but even these venerable institutions vary somewhat in specific recommendations for common colds.

How much evidence do they have for their advice?

Definitely not the “Gold Standard” for any of it.  But you can bet they are looking like crazy for evidence. There are ongoing studies for lots of various ingredients that can help prevent , or minimize cold virus suffering.

$3 billion per year is spent by Americans on Over-The-Counter cold remedies.

$1 billion per year is spent by Americans on prescription antibiotics for common colds.

How much evidence is this $4 billion that we are paying pharmaceutical companies.

Well, a LOT of evidence…that shows they all DON’T work!

We are paying $4 Billion per year for cold medicines that research has shown does NOT work?

Isnt’ this crazy?


How did this happen?

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66. How much weight of evidence?

How much weight of evidence do we have for Warm & Steamy methods helping colds?

scientific research

How much scientific research evidence do we have for common cold care?

OK, so we see that there never will be 100% absolute proof of the best remedy for a common cold. But how much evidence do we have for various common cold remedies? Have they been CONCLUSIVELY proven? No, very little in any science is.

OK, so then how much weight of evidence is there? Well there is a range of types of medical evidence, with the very top level, considered the “Gold Standard” of medical research, a clinical trial with many test subjects done in a randomized double blind method, which is repeatable and peer reviewed.

But keep in mind that not all medical treatments CAN be tested that way. For one thing, there are big ethical considerations when you do a medical test on real people, that you may be harming them by giving them a disease, or by giving bad treatments or by withholding good treatments, in order to show which peope do better with which treatments.  And then even when you have the results, there is LOTS of interpretation of those results involved by the scientists and journalist who are trying to understand them.

and then there is a whole range of types of evidence short of that “Gold Standard.”  Which can also be very valid.

Yes, it’s all very complicated.  For EVERY health issue.  And, hint, when there is LOTS of money involved, especially coming out of YOUR pocketbook, it gets even more complicated

How about our Warm & Steamy methods?

The gold standard level?  Not yet. More research on it would be good. But I’m building the case (in my forthcoming book) that there is LOTS of evidence that strongly supports it better than any other known remedy.

There actually has been a LOT of research studies done on the common cold.  More than 50 years the Common Cold Unit near Salisbury England has been studying cold viruses, and even helped discovered what a “virus” was! and there have been other mainstream medical studies on cold viruses and treamtments.  Our evidence for Warm & Steamy therapy is based on a careful study of those experiments

NEXT:   how about the other cold remedies?


7. Common Cold Virus grows best in Cold temperature

What do the more than 200 Common Cold viruses have in common? They produce the typical cold symptoms

And they also replicate best at cold temperatures. Oh yeah? Sez who?

Sez England’s Common Cold Unit.

For 50 years the Common Cold Unit, started by Harvard Hospital during World War II studied infectious diseases, including the Common Cold. At the War’s end the institute, near Salisbury England, was given to the nation of England and became affiliated with Cardiff University in England and focused on the Common Cold. They learned a tremendous amount about the viruses that cause Comm

black & white of Rhinovirus 16

on Cold symptoms.

They experimented with various kinds of cures.

And one thing they discovered is that Common Cold viruses grow best at a lower temperature.

33 degrees Celcius, (91.4 degrees Farenheit) better than at 37 degrees Celcius, about 98.6 degrees Farenheit.

In other words, a common cold virus grows best at the same temperature as the normal  human nose, not at the average temperature of the rest of your body.

So that’s why you get colds in your nose!

But modern medical literature is saying that cold temperature is NOT a factor in getting a cold. Does that sound silly to you?

Sounds obvious that cold temperature affects YOUR cold, right?


This is highly controversial. Many doctors, including the NIH and CDC, as stated on their websites,  believe this was DISPROVEN by medical research.

But they are wrong. And This is BIG news.