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Pneumonia Leading Cause of Death for Children Under Age 6

Colds are one of the main contributing factors to Pneumonia….

reposting this article below which features video of Rosalynn Carter speaking out against pneumonia

Pneumonia: Word’s Leading Killer of Children Under Age 5

Despite a recent decline in the global number of child deaths, pneumonia still claimed 1.3

million lives last year alone.  Children of all ages, but particularly those under age five, are vulnerable to respiratory infections that can lead to life-threatening pneumonia.  However, pneumonia is not a single disease. It is a condition caused by many different bacteria or viral attacks which can lead to severe breathing difficulties, lung damage and often internal bleeding.

Sadly, nearly one in every five child deaths around the globe can be attributed to pneumonia – a disease in which the majority of cases are preventable and treatable.  And more than 99 percent of child deaths from pneumonia occur in the developing world, where access to life-saving interventions is out of reach for most children.

What Can Be Done

According to the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (GAPP), child pneumonia deaths could be reduced by two-thirds if three interventions to protect against, prevent and treat pneumonia were scaled up to reach 90 percent of the world’s children.  These interventions include breastfeeding and vaccination to help strengthen the immune system, and case management to improve early detection, isolate infections, and improve access to, and administration of, appropriate antibiotics.  Read more…