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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

101. Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers of the Common Cold,

Merry Christmas to you! I’m hoping and praying you are having a happy, healthy holiday to celebrate the end of a wonderful year, many loving family and friends and much success and blessings in every area of your life.

I wish that for every person on earth right now.

Sadly, we all know that is not the accurate scenario for many people, and PROBABLY not for ANYONE, come to think of it. Certainly not for me.

Lesson #1: we all have imperfect lives with problems.
Lesson #2: we all have some blessings and love as well
Lesson #3: let’s CHOOSE to focus on #2 and not #1
Lesson #4: this positive attitude will give us a better view of life, and will actually strengthen our immune system, fight off depression, and help us make more positive healthy choices, which in turn physically strengthens our body’s immune system, helping us fight off common cold viruses and other diseases and results in fewer, shorter colds and healthier happier lives, which in turn makes us stronger and able to accomplish the things we need and enjoy, which makes us happier.

Lesson #5: even when big disappointments happen… learn to let go of them and keep when I just learned recently that I’ve been doing all my photos for this website wrong and i need to redo them.

Is this two months of work wasted?  I could choose to believe that.

OR, I can remind myself that I am doing well by “stumbling forward” as my marketing coach, Steve Harrison says. That by choosing to go and attempt my dream, to make my message known even as I’m only starting to write my book, means I will get more feedback, learn more from my mistakes, and end up making a better book in the longrun.

And that is my goal. to write the best book possible, to give many people the best truth that I can about the common cold. So as I start, I will make mistakes, and I should not get bogged down in the misery of the feeling of failure, but learn and go forward with it.

Lesson # 6:  Just Keep Going!

CONTINUED in Part 2,