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Question: Can dogs catch a cold?

“Can dogs catch a cold?”

Answer: Yes! I wrote on this in November, and  here’s a good article from PetMD on dogs catching colds

The thing is, there are many other  reasons besides a common cold virus that a dog would have similar symptoms to a common cold, coughing (distemper or kennel cough) worms, fungal parasites, allergies and other infections.

Just as in humans the cold is one of many viruses that cause similar symptoms, coughing, runny nose, sneezing

But unlike in humans the cold viruses that your dog gets are NOT contagious to you, or “cross-species” or at least not that scientisits have discovered.

<<There are other highly contagious, cold-like illnesses to be familiar with, as well. The influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, and tuberculosis are all illnesses that can be transmitted by infected dogs.

Another potentially life-endangering viral illness is canine distemper. A dog exhibiting symptoms of distemper will usually have coughing, vomiting, high fever, and a thick discharge from the eyes and nose.>>

Another article about dogs getting colds, agrees with this information and adds tips on how to help your dog get better.

The first and second tip are…Warm & Steamy methods!…

<< Helping Your Dog Recover
1. Increasing Fluid Intake
If your dog has common cold, the simplest way to get rid of it is by feeding him/her lots of nutritious liquids. Chicken broth, for instance will work wonders for your dog too.Steam Therapy
2. Try to get your dog to inhale steaming water which will unclog the sinuses. Bring over a tub of hot water, and gently lead the dog to inhale the vapors. Be careful not to allow the dog to go too close to the steaming water.
Read more at Buzzle: >>
So there you go. Yes they can, no you won’t catch it from each other, and, if it is a mere common cold, the way to get better is the same as for us, Warm & Steamy methods
— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

127. Repost part 2 “Speech from Common Cold Convention


Over-The-Counter common cold remedies

do they really work to get rid of your cold? Or are they just very expensive placebos?


Repost from

(NOTE from Peggy The Doctor’s Wife: this is a fictional humor essay, but I appreciate its critique of the ethics of the hugely profitable, yet ineffective, cold remedy market for the pharmaceutical industry

Third, our beloved lobbyists. We appreciate you continuing to dispel rumors that a cure for the common cold was invented in 1952. It was not. And if we occasionally come up with a cure for the common cold, please know that it’s simply because we ran out of marketing ideas.

Lastly — and relatively new members to our brethren, who are quickly attaining a reputation as earners — I’d like to acknowledge the creators of the magic elixirs, who have convinced people they can stave off the common cold with vitamin C powders, magic bracelets and even magnetic toe rings. Stand and take a bow. I speak for this entire auditorium when I say we are truly looking forward to your line of tattoo cures in 2013.

I know we’re all excited to get to the happy hour and toast our good fortune, but I’d like to reminisce for a moment. I don’t mean to get sentimental — we all know the danger of contracting conjunctivitis from public crying. But whenever I see people sharing a ChapStick, or an obviously non-monogamous couple kissing in public, or someone ordering a draught beer in a seedy bar — it brings a tear to my eye, not to mention a ka-ching to my soul, because I know the state of the common cold is strong.

Okay, enough dripping eye and nasal secretions all over each other. Queue up the PowerPoint. And because this convention is flush with cash, I present to you at a ridiculous cost the one, the only, Beastie Boys.  [cue music band ]

115. Can you help your immune system fight off a Common Cold?


which of these ingredients helps "boost your immune system"

which of these ingredients helps “boost your immune system”

The standard advice now found on most blogs is that “a cold must run its course, there is nothing you can do.

And your immune systemmust fight it off.

But Most people do not understand what an immune system is. Or where it is.

Is it a magical gland in your brain, that just needs a particular ingredient to goose it?

Well, sort of, your immune system is actually a whole variety of responses that you body does when it senses invading viruses and illnesses in your body.

So when many people hear about it, they don’t know how to “boost” it. So when you walk into CVS pharmacy and see pretty colorful boxes that say “Boosts your immune system” that sounds helpful, right?

Kind of like when you order that purple smoothie at Jamba Juice and they offer you a variety of “boosts” little jiggers of powder, protein powder, matcha green tea powder, all nice and colorful.

And people do feel good when they take a nice colorful pill that has colorful cartoon characters on it and feel the pill “boosted” their immune system.

In a recent medical study, cold sufferers were given pills and told they were Echinacea pills that would supposedly boost their immune system. Some patients believed that Echinacea would help them, others did not believe it would. Result is that the patients who believed in the power of teh pill actually did feel better, but the doubting patients did not. So it was the power of their mind that made them actually feel better, not the pill itself.

Placebo effect is verrrrrrrrrry strong.


But however weak or strong your immune system is, it can make a big difference whether you help your immune system or not. It can make the difference between a cold lasting 1-2 days, or dragging on for weeks, even months.

And it starts with understanding how the cold virus works.

For the best ways to do so, please download my free Summary chart on this website, or the extended version with lots more advice, (for less than the price of one bottle of
boosts your immune system” pills.

And it works MUCH better.