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76. One billion colds per year

a billion colds a year

Americans catch a billion colds per year

Most of what Dr. Grisson says I agree with, except the end — that there is NOTHING you can do to make it go away faster or relieve symptoms.
Both are not true, and some things do one but not the other, because the symptoms are HELPING your body fight off the cold.
Granted, A lot of remedies, to which he is probably referring, its true, do NOT help relieve symptoms OR get better faster
But there is a LOT you can do to help it go away much faster.
REPOST from WFMD, radio in Frederick, Maryland
Americans catch an estimated 1-billion colds each year.

Fighting the common cold isn’t easy since there are so many ways to catch it. Americans catch an estimated 1 billion colds each year. “Adults may get two or three colds a year and kids get 8 to 12,” said Dr. Jim Grissom, Frederick Memorial Hospital. The common cold can be caught several different ways. “It may come from air droplets, if someone sneezes, or it may come from contact with virus particles on surfaces, like tables, door handles, etc.,” continued Dr. Grissom.

Around this time, as weary cold sufferers line up to local pharmacies, it may not sound surprising that Americans spend at least $4.2 billion dollars annually on over the counter cough and cold medications, and even more on alternative therapies. Yet here’s the dirty little secret about the common cold: Nothing cures it. Nothing makes it go away faster. “There’s little evidence that popular treatments really do much to relieve symptoms. You just have to let it run it’s course,” Grissom said.

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