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61. Who is a Real Medical Researcher? (part 2)


or are these real Medical Researchers?

CONTINUED FROM:  Who are “The Medical Researchers?” ( part 1)

Question #2:  which of the above are people whose advice you should trust?

Answer #1 or 3. NOT #2, #4 or #5.

Yet…. millions of people trust #2, #4 and #5!  Why?

Because they don’t know the difference.

Here is it: A medical researcher is someone who studies medical information. This could be anyone, even on their own, doing their own studies of any medical topic. In fact this is how medical research STARTED in the first place. People did not know how things worked. But then they slowly learned more about how it works.

Does everyone who studies a medical topic find truth?


Are some WAYS of studying better than others?

YES!  Slowly, over the last few centuries, people around the world have developed SCIENTIFIC METHODS of studying that work better than others.  Creatively we have named some of the best methods “The Scientific Method.” (makes it easier to remember)

Most people my age who studied ANY college science classes, (like me) learned about what the Scientific Method is. And today most people in the 3d grade seem to learn it wayyyyyyy younger than we did!

The Oxford English Dictionary says the scientific method is: “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”[3]

To put it in modern terms, you look at something, make a guess as to why it acts the way it does, then you test and measure it and see if you were right.

Some people LOVE to do this over and over again. They even considered it FUN (those people are called “geeks” haha!) And then many of us went into more fun fields like Journalism, Creative Writing and Dance! (like me) but we still RESPECT very much those science geeks because they became great DOCTORS like my husband Bob who figured out what medical information works best, and they get to be HEROS who help LOTS and LOTS of people.

CONTINUED IN PART 3 “How this helps us”