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114. My own cold’s progress (part 2)

CONTINUED from Part 1

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DO use this, or any form of warm steam to actually help your immune system to FIGHT OFF the virus, not just mask the symptoms.

the runny nose is one part of the bodies immune system of increased mucous secretions that help flush out those tiny invisible hordes of invading cold viruses. So a runny nose is actually GOOD for you , not bad.

And I believe my drinking lots of tea just gave my body more fluid to work with, so is really helping along the fight against the virus. The virus itself you don’t feel. You feel your body’s cells being destroyed from the virus. and you feel the irritating reaction of your body to the virus. Inflammation of the throat. Irritation of mucous in your nose and airways. Muscle achiness and tiredness

Those are not the virus, they are the weapons your body is using to fight off the virus. Get it?

If I were of the mindset that I want a remedy to work instantly and I will kill off my cold virus

That is the value of a placebo pill. That is why people spend $4 billion every year on cold medincines. because it feels so good to take a pill, or a highly packaged powerful tasting medicine that you think will really knock those viruses down.

And some of them, such as decongestants and antehistamines, stop the flow of your mucous so you do feel a big difference.

But did it get rid of the virus? No, it just stopped your body’s reaction to the virus. They actually make you WORSE by stopping your body’s immune system from fighting OFF the virus!

So again, when I drink more tea today, it made my nose run more, but that is helping along the fight against the virus.

That’s why the strongest and safest remedy for the cold and any disease is knowledge and understanding!

Cheers for a knowledgeable New Year!