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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

110. Happy New Year Mompreneurs! (part 3)

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

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TIP #1: Sleep in (or go to bed early) as much as you can –after you get your top priority work done (for example, I was up til midnight last night writing an urgent document, but slept in until 10 a.m. this morning…nice!

healthy soups

chicken noodle soups are great but not the only good soup for a cold

TIP #2: Boost your immune system, NOT with pills, but with EXERCISE, whatever you really enjoy most (I prefer social dancing, but this morning I went jogging instead.) If you don’t enjoy it you won’t keep it up, so find something regular that you really do enjoy that gives you cardio-fitness.

TiP #3:  Buy cans of high protein, low-fat vegetable-rich soup to have as a default meal when you have a cold or are in a hurry. Chicken noodle is great, but any healthy soup will do. Why soup? It’s the warm steamy broth that really helps.  Stock up on it! Warm it up piping hot and serve it twice daily to anyone who has a cold! In fact eat it yourself when you can. Fast and healthy!

For example, I now have in my hand   “Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup.” It’s label says it has 8 grams of protein and 90 calories per serving.  Admittedly, homemade soup usually tastes better than canned, IF you are a good cook…BUT even so, as Mompreneurs YOU don’t have TIME to make it often. So don’t feel bad about serving canned soup.  It’s a great healthy, satisfying meal, and FAST. So just stock up on cans of chicken soup or or any other high protein, high-vegetable, low-fat quality, tasty and healthy brands of soup.  Eat it as a fast default meal for lunch or dinner, so you can get your OTHER work done and reduce other stress in your life!