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Steam Video game has a “Common Cold” weapon

REPOST, just ferrr fun….

this pic is of a video game weapon called “common cold V2” let’s have fun to guess why???

I’m still trying to figure this one out???

The company’s name is “Steam Workshop”

And they make video games….lots of them, popular ones, such as Call of Duty

Complete coincidence that they make a cartoon weapon called “common cold” >>>>

apparently this is an update of their video weapons. And its part of their gaming strategy is for the gamers to create and update weapons. Very creative.

it looks like a giant frozen SuperSoaker?

Or does it squirt rhinoviruses at evil villains?

Or is this guy the evil villain …he looks like a doctor? a researcher? maybe he’s a pharmaceutical excecutive, yeahhhhhh, that’s it…

.and he is soaking us with rhinoviruses, so he can then suck all the money from our wallet. ehhhhhhrrrrrrr…its giving me chills already

OK, so let’s come up with some extension on it. Can we think of a cartoon antidote to the weapon? maybe a giant warm steam vaporizer (could tie-in financially with the company theme)  how about a big army of immune system macrophages? or as we liked to call them when I was a little kid, giant White Corpuscles!!!!!!!!

And then a big tsunami of mucous slime to wipe out all the invading enemies.

Whoahhhhh…. I feel a big VIDEO GAME CONCEPT coming on!!!


Steam Workshop :: Common Cold V2
Steam Workshop: Team Fortress 2. Thought this weapon was cool before? Well now it’s now 20% colder! Changes Made: *Improved UV *Improved Textures