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102. and Happy New Year from Peggy The Doctor’s Wife



For example, I’ve been feeling quite depressed about the overwhelming amount of tasks I should be doing, and am trying to do, but not doing all of,  towards writing my book on the common cold, and Christmas season means I have a BUNCH of other tasks to do for my own family celebrations and for my other work (year end mailings to hundreds of people) my lists of tasks was, ans still does, seem endless, no time for me to feel finished about anything!

But each new morning I have the choice of focusing on the GOOD that is happening, and downplaying my negative feelings, choosing to beleive that good will win out over the bad, even before it happens.
And that has helped me keep plowing through the lists of tasks, and with each big job acomplished my depression is subsiding more and more. just keeping myself positive to have the energy to get it done, and letting go of the many frustrations and dissappointments, to KEEP GOING! and gradually, it IS getting done, which makes me FEEL much better! I feel much worse when I’m not getting it all done, and better when I do.

So DECIDE Today that you will focus on your blessings and the good that is streaming through your life and you will thereby be opening your life up to more of it. Open your eyes and heart to see the good in your life even through the bad things.

And if you don’t know how to do that, just email me, Peggy the Doctor’s Wife, and I’ll talk you through it!

May your MERRY Christmas lead you on the path to a Happier New Year!

lots of hugs, love and cheers from Peggy the Doctor’s Wife!

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