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113. My own cold’s progress (part 1)

COLD decongestant

This may stop your runny nose temporarily but that  prevents your immune system from fighting off the virus! So it makes you worse! Don’t take it.

Grrrrrr…. now I’m getting more mad.

I’ve been being good, staying home from my social dance for the 2nd night in a row (was realllllly looking forward to it) due to multiple factors, but mainly that my friends would not appreciate me coughing and sneezing on them during waltz. Oversharing the cold virus is just not attractive in a dance partner. :-( at least for those partner with whom I EVER want to dance again.

Also its heavy rain tonight, and I do have lots more work to get done, soooo… more good reasons to stay home. So maybe a few waltzed in my living room will help get me through

But as I am newly experiencing the un-lovely sensations of a cold virus… I’m realizing an important point that often trips people up in their cold care.

I have been dutifully keeping as warm as I comfortably can. And been drinking LOTS of hot drinks, mainly green adn black tea.  Yesterday the virus  was just a tickly cough but this afternoon it turned into a runny nose too!


Does this mean my advice does not work?

Important thing is realizing that the SYMPTOMS of a cold virus are NOT the cold virus!!!!

The symptoms are actually my IMMUNE SYSTEM fighting OFF the virus!

So people thinking their runny nose is the problem, don’t realize that…



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