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124. Cocktail drink recipes for common cold


REPOST from “Yummly”

These look good! but only if they are hot & steamy, and just enough to help you relax to get a good night’s sleep, not get drunk and then have a hangover, which really is from dehydration, so enjoy, but sparingly. with lots of hot liquid.


I myself invented a 2 a.m. microwve mulled wine (red wine/water/ agave) but honestly it didn’t taste very good.

You can also make plenty of alcohol-free drinks using juices instead, just please make em steamy hot.


Cocktail Remedies for the Common Cold

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In the strictest sense, alcohol, being a diuretic, is not something you should consume while you’re sick. However, tradition and old wives tales have held for ages that few things soothe an aching, burning throat better than a good old-fashioned hot toddy and bedrest. Here are a few “cocktail remedies” for those days when you really need a soothing pick me up. Don’t skimp on the ginger and lemon, and feel better soon!

Smoky Lemon Martini from Leite’s CulinariaPhoto by William Lingwood


Hot Toddy from AllRecipes


Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch (Rum, Brandy, and Lemon Tea) from Serious EatsPhoto by Robyn Lee


Hot Vodka with Honey from Food.comPhoto by Mirabella’s Pantry


Smoky, Hot, Scotch Apple Cider from ChowPhoto by Roxanne Webber


Bourbon and Ginger from Martha Stewart


Smoky Iced Tea and Whiskey Cooler from Serious EatsPhoto by Kelly Carámbul


Hot and Nutty Whiskey Sours from Martha Stewart

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