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122. Slow Cooker Soup Recipes (part 3)

REPOST from Spark People’s weight loss website

[More comments, most sound positive, but some people don’t know how to cook.]



Slow Cooker Soups for Winter

Did you hear that!?! My belly is rumbling!!! I have tried a couple of these and this list is great, now I have a few more to try!

I have got to try these. Sound so tasty

PLEASE show the serving SIZE with recipes! For instance, if a recipe says has 8 servings, please say 8 1-cup servings so we know how much to serve. Otherwise, we have to empty the entire crock pot into serving dishes to know how much to serve each person!

I’ve been wanting to try some different soups & love the idea of doing them in the slow cooker – thanks!!!

I just made the Buffalo Chicken soup and it was horrible! I do look forward to trying a few others on this list

I think I will make a batch of sixteen bean soup.I have a nice big ham hock I will trim the fat off of it and add some chopped onion,garlic and maybe some raw spinach at the end.I love homemade soups so this article was very timely.!Thank you

My flatmates boysfriends mother just gave us a slow cooker for Christmas! I’m excited to try one of these soups now. xoxo

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I’m so excited I’m going to try one of these soups Friday! Perfect for the weekend! LOL!

I use my crockpot a lot. I have plans to make taco soup and chicken soup. Love both. I make lots and freeze the rest in single serving containers.

Perfect timing, I have been wanting some new crock pot recipes!



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