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16 year old boy wonder’s if has a cold

Note temperature of preferred remedy

Do I just have a common cold?(repost/update)?

I’m 16, male, 115-118LBs(18.5-19.3BMI) pretty normal weight, i guess.John is feeling a stuffy nose
My symptoms are:
-Very stuffy nose/runny nose at times(had green mucus earlier, but now it’s clear)
-Cough, that is dry and hurts my chest sometimes when I cough.
-Had a sore throat, but that subsided earlier today
-No fever
-Had almost no appetite, but starting to get it back abit
-rarely aching in my side, but it’s not bad, just kinda worried bout it
-scratchy-ness in the middle of my chest, which causes the cough, which hurts when I cough(not that painful, more annoying)Don’t want to have to go to the doctor..
If it is a common cold, or whatever, when will it go away? :\

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sounds like a normal cold. don’t panic.just drink lots and lots of warm liquidsand relax. sleep is your friend.if it get worse/doesn’t get any better by this time next week.. consider seeing a doctor.

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Asker’s Comment:
Thanks.. I just worry alot. :\ Hypochondria I guess. ><

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