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21. More about “Dr. Mom’s” advice — Doctor’s visits

More about “Dr. Mom’s advice for Doctor’s visits:

kids with coldsI do heartily agree with “Dr. Mom’s” ending advice.

When a Common Cold drags on for more than a week, many parents feel it is time to go see the doctor. And certainly it is sometimes hard to tell exactly whether the illness is just a Common Cold or something worse.

Often the patients who do come in, to see their own, or another ER/Urgent Care clinic doctor with just a Common Cold — are ones who’s colds have lasted more than a week.

During fall/winter Cold and Flu season sometimes 50% of all his ER and Urgent Care patients have been coming in for just a Common Cold, says my husband, Dr. Bob!

But in the doctor’s office, for those for whom the doctor finds it IS just a common Cold. (sometime 50% of the ER and Urgent Care patients!!!) — they may still feel unhappy with a doctor who doesn’t give them something to make them feel better.

After all, they’ve taken time and paying lots of money for the visit. So they want some medicine!

And many patients can be quite upset leaving a doctor’s office without a pill, shot or spray.

But as “Dr. Mom” says — NO ANTIOBIOTICS!!– Leaving a doctor’s visit empty handed is not a wasted visit. Since it was valuable to rule out more serious illnesses. And some of those serious illnesses can be deadly…more on those later.


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