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22. Poll of Santa Cruz Teen Boys’ Favorite Cold Remedies

A recent poll of Santa Cruz teenage boys got 100% response

— from ALL 6 boys in the car I was driving to our high school sport team event.common cold suffering cartoon

Since I was the driver,  I could not take notes and drive safely, so I’m not sure which

answer was from which boy, but various responses, in order of enthusiasm, were as follows:

What is your favorite remedy to get better when you have a Common Cold?

  1. play video games (when they are missing a day of school for a cold)
  2. watch TV (also when they are staying home from school)
  3. sleep a lot (while they miss school)
  4. meditate
  5. drink warm tea (what kind? any kind. herb, black…whatever!)
  6. eat warm soup
  7. use herbal medicine pills (what kind? not sure, but there are lots at the local natural foods stores)  I thnk the pills were ground up and put in HOT WATER…
  8. Take 2 steamy showers a day (this could possibly have been one of Dr. Bob’s patients! since I have not heard  anyone else recommend this)
  9. run a humidifier
  10. turn up the heater at night
  11. used to use Vicks-Vap-O-Rub on my chest when I was a little kid, but it didn’t work so I don’t use it anymore.
  12. we don’t use over the counter cold remedies, they don’t work. We use herbal medicines.
  13. Naturopathic medicines?

“The Doctor’s Wife” analysis:  Some of them are drinking teas and soups and doing some of the Warm & Steamy treatments on their own, possibly without medical advice, probably because it makes them feel better.

Strong evidence that it works, if even teenage boys do it.


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