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22. So What to Do with Kids’ Common Colds?

So Dr Mom’s advice is a nice start, but if you raise the temperature of the fluids, and raise the temperature of the steam, then her recommendations work much more effectively.

And there IS MORE Parent can do to help their kids get over colds faster.

kids and colds

What to do with children who have colds? Find fun and creative ways to keep them warm & steamy!

Some of these are easier than others if your children don’t like them. And as mother of 3 ornery boys (none of whom have every had anti-biotics for their Common Colds) I know you cannot always control their behavior.

So do what you can, and the older they are, the more you can explain to them why they should do some of this.

What are the children doing all day?

Sitting in cool classrooms, playing outdoors in the cool autumn air?

Sleeping in bedrooms with the heat turned down at night breathing cool air?

Yes you save a few dollars in your energy bill at home, school (or your own work), but if you are spending hundreds of dollars in doctors visits, cold remedies (that don’t work) and missed days of school. versus spending, maybe $10/month more on heating bills when someone is suffering from a Common Cold Virus can be cost effective.

Playing outdoors?

If the air warm, fine, perhaps afternoons are best, in a nice sunny sheltered park area. But if it’s cold, and they, like many kids, won’t keep a scarf over their face, then find an indoor, warmer place to play, preferably not crowded together with other children.

Drinking warm liquids…if they taste good, like juices, and flavored waters, hot apple cider, yum. but avoid sugar, such as in most cocoas. Have fun making Warm soups recipes together!

Taking hot steamy showers, or baths? Kids often love bubble baths, so the more bubbles, the longer they play.

More fun ideas to come. Please leave your ideas in the comments for others to share!


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