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26…And is deflated

My blogging balloon rises...and is deflated (part 2)

Well, I realize I’m not quite, …yet… but I couldn’t help sharing my progress with my friends.

When I bragged of my blogging success to my buddy Rahul, usually a lighthearted and bantering fellow, he leaned toward me, and looked straight at me with the sternness of a doctor giving his patient a bad diagnosis.

“Peggy, you know those are…spam.” he said firmly and clearly.

happy faces balloons

balloons can bring a message of happiness, but are easily popped by the whims of fate

“Spam? No. What do you mean?”

Pop.   ppppsssssssssss…….

I didn’t want to believe it. Those nice, intelligent notes? No, I felt I was already becoming friends with the nice writers. They sounded like such intelligent people. Their kind affirmations that I had been reading…I’d been mentally composing my equally warm and affirming responses.  I felt friendships starting to develop already.


They couldn’t be spam. How could they be spam? I thought they liked me? I was helping them. How can they be robots and still like me so much?


“Did you notice they don’t say anything specific about your content?” he added, when he saw I wasn’t convinced.

Content. I thought fast. Did any of them mention my actual content…. Well, there’s that ONE that said I was getting boring, but….and that other one that said my advice was helpful, in fact way better than all the other “rubbish” she had read that morning… But, come to think of it, I couldn’t remember any that specifically mentioned my actual specific content, no.


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