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27…resulting in moral dillemma

(my blogging balloon part 3)


So no one…no one at all has been reading???  Well of course I know I’m no CDC yet,but at least I’m not one of those nasty Pharma websites.

But how about that one that selfish one, which I had graciously accepted onto my site, despite its rudeness, complaining that my later writings were getting boring…was that Spam too? And I was composing in my mind a witty comeback to that one too. I did NOT want to let go of that good feeling of traction to go back to…nothingness.

girl profile with balloon bouquet

are the balloons holding me up? Or am I holding them up?

Wheels spinning in thin air.

fffffffffthththtpppppphhh. There goes my writer’s ego.



Now my moral dilemma. Should I keep the robo-comments on my site? Will other readers notice? Will they be impressed by the popularity of the affirming comments? or will they see that I’m stupid for not realiziing they are spam? Or, even worse, will the readers lose all trust in me because I’m leaving cheating robo-comments on my site????

“Rahul, if I keep the comments on the site…(I especially wanted to keep that one calling all the other blogs  “rubbish!”)… “will that make my site look good –that I’m getting feedback –or just make me look stupid to others?”

“Well… you will look stupid to people like ME who realize they are spam, but others… hmmmm…”

Hmmmm. indeed… well, readers, what do you think? Do you like the nice spammy contents or should I be more discerning?


NEXT: my moral dilemma answered


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