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33. How Do We Know Which Medical Research To Trust? part 1

I’m sure you, like most Americans these days, are hearing medical advice on the common cold from many sources

Lots of them quote authoritative Medical Researchers.

medical researcher

who exactly is a medical researcher? How do I recognize one when I see one? How do I know which ones to believe? It’s all so confusing!

Who are these mysterious “Medical Researchers?”  How do we know which ones to believe?

In fact how do we know what to believe in ANY important area of our lives? (fortunately I won’t get into spiritual faith beliefs HERE, that will be ANOTHER blog! :-)

But in general, abstractly, philosophically, theoretically speaking…

(yes, be patient, I’m having fun with this and  I’ll get back to YOUR COLD in a moment!)…

…we usually choose what theories/advice/truths  to  follow in any area of our lives by  listening to our “authorities”… people with knowledge, people whom we trust, such as.. (in possible order of importance)

  1. our doctor,
  2. our medical institutions
  3. our friends/family/ other people we know and respect
  4. and everyone else in the world.

And then, when we get conflicting advice (which happens often!) we also check with

5. ourselves…IF we have our own experience of the topic in questions.  If it is something we have experienced before, and often, like a common cold, then we have more of a “gut feeling” as to what is right, just based on our own experience.

When everyone on the list above are all saying the same thing, YAY! it makes it easy,  we feel very confident of the truth.

BUT when they conflict, (and they DO conflict on advice for the Common Cold) we have to choose WHICH of the above to believe most.

I will be explaining more about #1, #2 and #4 in future posts.  You will have to do your own research with #3 and #5!  😉

and hey… let me know your results with that too! I’m collecting Common Cold stories for my book, so please leave your story in a comment below, or email to me

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