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38. My progress this week in alignment the 4 Pillars of Health

How to get good alignment in the 4 Pillars of Health

For example, a prime exhibit this week of mis-alignment in all 4 Pillars– myself:

  What I did this week, after crash landing back at the home pad….

1. SLEEP:  I let myself sleep in this week every chance I least 8 or more hours

sleeping baby

get as much sleep as you can!

per night..and get extra naps but trying to get to bed earlier than usual (that’s my hardest challenge, because somehow my energy kicks up around 10 p.m. darn it. I’m a night owl.  It still didn’t feel like enough.

But then I also wanted to wake up early enough to see my son off to high school…so, forcing myself to go to sleep earlier, or going back to sleep after I see him off. And then a few noontime naps were good too. One of my least favorite pillars…but now that I’m making myself…I’m starting to feel the Qi energy flow happen…from sleep! not from herbal pills

I really struggle with feeling guilty for sleeping in, and also wanting to get work done. I admire people who are able to keep regular bedtime, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to fit my creative personality so I must find ways to trick myself into getting better sleep patterns, like reading myself to sleep. Using a sleeping blindfold when light is bothering me (worked very well in the Manhattan hostel room. Trying to eliminate any nighttime distractions and noises….noizzzes…. noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……


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