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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

41. Pillar # 4 — the most important — Relationships


Guess what? This is probably the most important part!


Relationships are the 4th Pillar of Health

Also, probably the most complicated and difficult too. But most rewarding, I believe.

If you don’t have this, then what is life for, anyway? It took me years to figure that out.

For more advice, you can turn to the REST of the internet, or your bookstore, or just about every magazine in the grocery store for help in this area.

Or email me if you want advice. I’ve got loads.(I also have lots of book ideas on this topic on my “to-write” list!)

And if you are still really big-time deficient in this, all sad and alone (NOT those of you who are happy and alone) then I send Hugs and Kisses to all of you!  Theme song for today from the most excellent James Taylor “Shower the people you love with love…tell them the way that you feel…”  That’s what life is FOR, baby!  So I’ll obey JT by telling YOU that I love ALL of you too!


BIG Tip from the ER!  — The MAJORITY of health problems Americans have today could be helped by improving these 4 Pillar areas!  Really!

Of course life is complex, and so are we.  I’m not promising that your effort in these 4 areas solves EVERY problem in your life… but these is definitely the right place to start. More to come on each of these areas

And then…after you do take good care of yourself in these 4 important areas, and still have unsolved problems, then its time to get more help.

Yep, (don’t worry Bob!) there still is a need for doctors…


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