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45. What is Mainstream vs Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Healthcare

One of the reasons that there are so many popular remedies for the common cold these is hat there are many philosophies of medicine, with accordingly different standards to determine what is “true!”

Here are the main terms used today to describe major types of medical practices. What do they mean? Which ones are right?


Evidence Based

Systematic Meta Peer Review





Let’s look at some definitions

Alternative medicine

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Alternative medical systems
Hierbas medicinales mercado medieval.jpg

Medicinal herbs in a traditional Spanish market
Acupuncture · Anthroposophic medicine · Herbalism · Homeopathy · Naturopathy · Orthopathy · Chiropractic
Traditional medicine
Chinese · Mongolian · Tibetan · Unani · Siddha · Ayurveda
NCCAM classifications
Whole medical systems · Mind-body interventions · Biologically based therapies · Manipulative therapy · Energy therapies
See also
Alternative medicine · Glossary · People
Alternative medicine
MeSH D000529

Alternative medicine is any practice claiming to heal “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.”[1] Alternative medicine is frequently grouped with complementary medicine which, in general, refers to the same interventions when used in conjunction with mainstream techniques,[2][3][4] under the umbrella term complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM.[5][6] Integrative medicine (or integrative health) is the combination of the practices and methods of alternative medicine with evidence based medicine.[7] Critics maintain that the terms “complementary” and “alternative medicine” are deceptive euphemisms meant to give an impression of medical authority.[8][9][10]

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