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49. Luke’s croup cough solution part 2.

(continued from Luke’s Croup Cough part 1)

But we had a quick solution that got us all through the panic.

As soon as we heard his telltale barking cough I would run a bathtub full of very warm water. While I was waiting for the water to fill the tub, I took a washcloth, wet it in the hot water, squeeze most of the water out and hold it loosely over his mouth and nose to breathe in the warm steam from the washcloth. As a baby he even liked to suck on the warm washcloth. That was fine.

Then when the tub was more full, I would let him sit in it and relax and play for an hour or so until his cough was gone.

turn thermostat up

turn up the thermostat to 72 or a bit higher to help kill off the viruses that cause Croup Cough and the common cold.

Meanwhile  we ran a warm steam vaporizer in his room all night and turned the thermostat up in his room a few degrees to 72 or 74.

Voila! By morning he was better.

When he was a little baby I would even get in the tub with him and hold him in my lap to let him soak for a while. As he got older I would sit on the floor next to the tub while he splashed around.

Eventually Luke was old enough to it do himself. Occasionally, after playing a little league baseball game until late into the chilly night, he would wake up in the middle of the night with the barking cough again. And we would hear him in the bathroom running the bath water himself, and soaking until he felt better.

Dr. Ianelli’s advice includes warm or cool steam and a variety of other remedies including breathing cool air for symptoms.

But if the many viruses that cause croup thrive more at cool temperature. Then it would make sense to raise the temperature as well as the moisture of the air the sufferer breathes, to both alleviate the symptom and help eliminate the virus that is causing the symptoms.

So perhaps the cool air that some people felt work, might temporarily work to make them feel better… seems that for our son, the cold air was what made him worse in the first place,

So I question… how does it affect the virus that was the cause of the cough?

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