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51. Post Sandy, Fox News reports NYC “increase of ER colds & flu visits”

from a November 5 report on Fox

By Loren Grush, Fox News

Hurricane Sandy destroys Breezy Point

Hurricane Sandy destroys Breezy Point, Queens — Reuters, Adrees Latif
A heartbreaking aerial shot shows the burnt remains of Breezy Point, a beachfront neighborhood in Queens completely destroyed by fires during the monster hurricane. More than 100 homes in the community were lost in the storm.
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“It has been four days since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, and power has yet to return to several communities. While many residents and businesses have been impacted by the loss of power, doctors’ offices have also suffered – keeping many sick patients from seeing their primary care physicians.

As an alternative for medical treatment during these widespread power outages, patients have been turning to various walk-in clinics throughout the New England area, resulting in an overflow of patients at many of these clinics.

“We’ve been so busy here,” Dr. Michael Tugetman, a board-certified family practitioner from Doctors Express, a walk-in clinic in Hartsdale, N.Y., told “Over the last two days, we’ve had a 30 percent increase. We saw about 50 patients on Wednesday and close to 40 on Thursday.”

Dr. Ned Shami, a board-certified ER doctor and chief operating officer of CityMD Urgent Care, reported seeing a similar influx in patients. On a normal day, each of CityMD’s four Manhattan clinics see approximately 75 to 90 patients. This past week, Shami said there has been a “30 to 40 percent increase in volume.”

“We were ready for the increase,” Shami added. “We expected it, especially with so many other offices closed. We tripled and at some points quadrupled physician coverage. Normally, we have two doctors on hand – we had five at a time this week to handle the increase.”


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