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54. Remedy From Chilly Harbin China (part 1)

yinyang.Yang, a visiting scholar, with his wife Li, is from Harbin, China which is located wayyyyy in Northeastern China, Harbin is famous for its ice sculptures in winter. They are used to REALLY cold winters. according to a travel story I read by Paul Theroux, He wrote that the inhabitants don’t even bother turning on their heat in winter. Perhaps an exaggeration, but I’m sure they are quite used to living adeptly in the cold.

Thus the chilly room at the university housing apartment on this chilly night.

Inevitably the discussion turned to their home cold remedies.

“What do you do in Harbin for colds?”

Yes they do get colds there too. “Well first you drink hot water, then take a nap. Then you can go out to the spa. It’s a public place, not in your home, like a large swimming pool, and you can dive under the water, It feels great.”

“But that is only if your cold is just getting started,” Yang said. “Not if the cold is already full blown. If your cold has progressed to your lungs, then you should just stay home. Bundle up and rest and sleep.”

Good common sense advice.

Then Lee recalled another remedy, involving “cocola…or paypsee…”

“Uhhhhh…you  mean “Cocacola? and Pepsi?” I asked.

“Yes. Well you take the Coca-cola and slice fresh ginger into it Then you bring it all to a boil. then drink it down and take a nap. And the virus is alway gone when you wake up,” she reported.

Our other companion, Stuart, pointed out that kids would probably like it due to it being Coca-cola and sweet.

 (Analysis continued in Part 2)

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