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57. Why Does Peggy’s Family Use Warm & Steamy Formula?

As I described in my previous post, the Common Cold virus grows best at cold temperature

Our family has been using the Warm & Steamy method to fight off colds at the first sign of any Common Cold symptoms. . We have raised our four  children with this method. None of them have ever taken antibiotics for colds because

mainstream medical research

a careful study of mainstream global medical research indicates warm & steamy methods work

  1. Our close study of all the best mainstream global medical research indicates that warm steam is the most effective treatment for common cold that has been studied.
  2. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses, they only work on bacterial infections.
  3. Warm & Steamy works.
  4. It feels good instantly!
  5. It’s FREE
  6. It’s Easy
  7. All the people I know who have used Warm & Steamy methods have told me it has helped them tremendously.
  8. It’s used in various forms all around the world
  9. Once we understand how it works, its easy to fight it off
  10. If you get over your cold more quickly, you don’t wear out your body so much, you keep strong and can recover your energy much faster. If a cold is left to drag on for days longer, it can wear your whole body down, interfere with sleep and contribute to much more serious illnesses.

So if you can help your body prevent getting the virus and help your body fight off the virus once you get it, you can get dramatically better faster, often  in 1-2 days, instead of the 1-2 weeks that other doctors predict.


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