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58. Mainstream vs Alternative Medicines

The great philosopher Stevie Wonder rocked our minds with the idea that believing in things that you don’t understand causes us to suffer
“Superstition ain’t the way”
world religions

believing in remedies because they are from a far away land and ancient philosophy is no basis for credibility. Where is the evidence?

But in 2012, more than ever, with our highly educated, highly informed, U.S. population it seems to me now MORE than ever, people looooooove to believe in magic medicines that they don’t understand, especially if they have exciting labels on them such as “organic” “herbal” “ancient Chinese”  “dietary supplement”  “boost your immune system”

ooohhhh, ahhhhh, wonderous! Especially because it comes from a far away land!

In my evaluation of Dr. Shen’s The promises on many “Natural and Herbal” Over The Counter healthcare products have no basis in science but actually come from religious beliefs, such as Chinese Qigong, from Taoism, Confusionism and Buddhism. These religious-based traditional Chinese folk medicine philosophies based on belief in “Chi” which means literally “Life Energy Cultivation

Europeans also had a similar belief in medieval times, of the “Four Humoures” of the blood. that is,until we developed our medical sciences to actually understand more of how the body works.

Some people would call such beliefs superstitions.

The medical remedies that are based on such beliefs, such as “Natural and Herbal” pills and formulas have their main attraction is that they are “Natural Herbal” and most importantly UNKNOWN and MYSTERIOUS!

Of course among Herbal Medicine fans, (whom I am surrounded by here in Alternative-Everything Santa Cruz!)  a product’s NOT being evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration– those mean, close-minded scientists of Modern Medicine– is a badge of honor!

Better to believe in the unknown than believe in things that are known and tested, right? Wrong!

If you choose to believe in the Qigong philosophy that is your choice, but here I want to at least make it clear what the basis of these “natural and herbal” chinese herbal medicines are, they are from a religion, not from medical science!

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