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63. Happy Day After-Thanksgiving! (despite the pie hangover)

Dear Gentle Reader,

I hope you had a lovely holiday yesterday– a day of rest, reflection and celebration of all that is good in your life!

I had 2 out of 3 of those, and today am catching up on the resting part.

Were you like the cute chipmunks in this pic>>>?

And if so, how do you feel today?

I was, and am…My “cheeks” are still stuffed with the good pie and food I ate.

And while trying to develop this blog, I’ve been cutting down on my usual vigorous exercise, due to work pressure and lack of time and energy. So this month I’ve been feeling more like these folks look. >>>>

How about you?

And sadly, feeling heavy and flabby (seems to happen more with age as well as autumn season) takes away a lot of my celebration happiness from the good Thanksgiving holiday. It  causes me to feel more physically, emotionally and mentally depressed.

And depression of any sort, can lead to depression of our immune system which can make us more vulnerabl to COMMON COLDS!

Now I’m not saying the pecan pie directly causes colds (actually it was pumpkin pie, chocolate cake AND  cheese cake foe me personally)… but an overdose of wayy too much food and wayyy too little exercize, and just a tad too little sleep, are what puts us on the road to physical weakness,

…which takes us to the unhappy village of Common-Cold-Ville!

Its part of the big picture of lowering our immune system.

But fortunately, I have been freshly inspired, just in the nick of time, to save me from treading that dark and dreary, and oh-so-familiar pathway to that gloomy land. And instead I’m walking down the sunny, stable pathway to diet peace and happiness again.

Just by reading a book. And I only skimmed it too, but its working already.

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