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65. Do we Have Perfect Proof?

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How much proof do we have or need to know of all our medical treaments?

How much proof do we have of effectiveness of our medicine?

“Pure proof is only found in mathematics. In all other fields of knowledge, it’s about the weight of the evidence,” says John Lennox, professor of mathematics at Oxford University.

When evaluating any health care advice (or any advice for that matter) how do you know when that weight of evidence is enough to believe it?  At what point do you make a decision to follow the advice?  Most people I know seem to think healthcare is based on absolute proof from somewhere in medical science as to what works best and what doesn’t, and what treatments can actually harm us.

Of course, it entirely depends on how important and serious the advice is. Your health is one of the most important things you must decide about in your life, with many big and small decisions.

Healthcare decisions can range from “Which type of kleenex to use?” to “which type of treatment should we try for a life-threatening cancer?” to  “When do we pull the plug on Grandma’s ventilator machine?” that is keeping her “alive” (the very definition of “alive” is also open to debate)

For common colds, your choice of remedies may seem like a small and obvious decisions but, like drops of rain that fill the oceans, our decision making regarding care for the common cold can contribute to huge health care consequences.

The common cold costs our U.S. economy $40 billion a year.

Yikes! A huge impact on, not only my own health, but the economy of our nation, which impacts all of us.   So how do we know what to do? Are we using the remedies that there is the most proof for? And where does this proof come from?

Well, once you realize that MOST science is not 100% conclusive proof, but must be evaluated based on “weight of evidence” lets look and see where the weight of evidence for cold virus remedies lies.

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