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66. How much weight of evidence?

How much weight of evidence do we have for Warm & Steamy methods helping colds?

scientific research

How much scientific research evidence do we have for common cold care?

OK, so we see that there never will be 100% absolute proof of the best remedy for a common cold. But how much evidence do we have for various common cold remedies? Have they been CONCLUSIVELY proven? No, very little in any science is.

OK, so then how much weight of evidence is there? Well there is a range of types of medical evidence, with the very top level, considered the “Gold Standard” of medical research, a clinical trial with many test subjects done in a randomized double blind method, which is repeatable and peer reviewed.

But keep in mind that not all medical treatments CAN be tested that way. For one thing, there are big ethical considerations when you do a medical test on real people, that you may be harming them by giving them a disease, or by giving bad treatments or by withholding good treatments, in order to show which peope do better with which treatments.  And then even when you have the results, there is LOTS of interpretation of those results involved by the scientists and journalist who are trying to understand them.

and then there is a whole range of types of evidence short of that “Gold Standard.”  Which can also be very valid.

Yes, it’s all very complicated.  For EVERY health issue.  And, hint, when there is LOTS of money involved, especially coming out of YOUR pocketbook, it gets even more complicated

How about our Warm & Steamy methods?

The gold standard level?  Not yet. More research on it would be good. But I’m building the case (in my forthcoming book) that there is LOTS of evidence that strongly supports it better than any other known remedy.

There actually has been a LOT of research studies done on the common cold.  More than 50 years the Common Cold Unit near Salisbury England has been studying cold viruses, and even helped discovered what a “virus” was! and there have been other mainstream medical studies on cold viruses and treamtments.  Our evidence for Warm & Steamy therapy is based on a careful study of those experiments

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