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75. Common Sense for Common Cold not so Common

A middle-aged, obese patient came in the Emergency Room. His chief complaints were, after watching TV all day sitting in a chair at home he had swollen ankles and wheezing.

Watching TV in a cold room resulted in swollen ankles, not heart failure. Deficiency of common sense was the main problem in this case

The doctor who saw him did a variety of tests on him. Total costs were probably more than $1000 for X-ray, EKG and lab tests. Results were all normal.

So the doctor gave him prescriptions for treatments of pneumonia, asthma AND heart failure, just to make sure all the possibile ailments were covered.

The patient went home, followed the doctor’s instructions and took the prescriptions for a week. He took the diuretic pills to alleviate excess water,. Antibiotic pills were for possible cold virus and an inhalers for possible asthma.

Eight days later the patient returned to the Emergency Room, no better. The next doctor  evaluated him and deduced he had a cold virus. Instead of sitting in a cold room taking diuretic pills, the second doctor advised the patient to use a warm steam vaporizer to get rid of his cold.

Most of what Emergency Room physicians do SHOULD be based on common sense. But wayyyyy too many doctors are underdeveloped in the Common Sense Department and rely heavily on technological tools: X-rays, CAT Scans, MRI’s,¬† pills, surgeries and other high tech remedies…. instead of starting with diagnosing the most obvious causes and treatments of ailments.

“Over and over and over we are told — don’t use chest X-ray for wheezing. Don’t use antibiotics for colds. But so many doctors keep ignoring it,” says Dr. Bob.

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