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76. Head lice #2 communicable disease for kids under 12, report says

After common cold, head lice is the #2 communicable disease.

And we can draw some parallel lessons from it that apply to our common cold issue.

Lesson #1 — Misinformation abounds. Similar to colds, incorrect information about treatment is also common, current shampoos only work on 50% of current lice

Head Lice

Head lice is the #2 communicable disease after common cold for children under 12, says Forbes magazine.

Lesson #2 —Who funds the studies?  These new shampoo SOUNDS promising..but My main question is WHO is funding the studies done on them?????

Lesson #3– Clinical evidence counts, Yet, as it points out “Pediatricians will decide which product to recommend based not just on research, but on cost, insurance coverage availability, and eventually on anecdotal reports from patients….that will influence prescription preferences as much as anything the FDA says.” So the reports from their clinical experience with actual patients influences doctors as much as the research studies (just as it does with clinical experience treating colds)

REPOST from Forbes magazine posts

3 New Head Lice Drugs Could Change How Lice Are Treated

No one wants to talk about head lice. Even though, for those under 12, head lice is now more common than all other communicable diseases (other than the common cold) put together.

Yet there’s still a good deal of shame attached to admitting that your home and family are infested with lice.


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