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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

78. Fitness Crowd crowdsources Common Cold remedies

Lots of creativity here from the Fitness crowd.  Isn’t it striking what a wide variety of treatments they come up with, because most of us are not sure what to do.


a whole rainbow of fun with common cold remedies


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TOPIC: Cure for the common cold? What are yours?? — TylerJ76

Whiskey and a workout. Sweat it out. — corn63

7 Up and Chicken Soup — LandonRand

Lying in bed and moaning.– SeaRunner26

living an a bubble…the added bonus, going for a walk is like running in a hamster wheel. — felice03

Chicken soup and a hot toddy!     — Danni3ll3

Shot of white liquor with some ginger & ground cayenne pepper. Wrap up in a blanket and let the sweating begin. Better yet, do it right before you go to bed and you’ll be better off (probably not 100% better) in the morning. Seems the elevated body temp of the liquor & cayenne pepper help cook the virus. — — the_journeyma   JM

Avoid getting one in the first place. It’s worked for many a year!  But if you’re unfortunate enough, vitamin C, water and rest. — rml_16

Sleep and lots of water + orange juice!   — shammxo

I take OPC as a precaution, if I feel like I am getting a cold I start on the Emergen “C” also.

If I get a cold I drink heavily and take lots of Vit C and Zinc. — Cerdwin

Vitamin C from Grapefruits and oranges  Nuwati Herbals tea – The Healer Tea (It works wonders)  Home made Chicken Bone Broth. — PaleoPath4Lyf

QUOTE:  Lying in bed and moaning.   ^^this^^ — n2thenight24

Prevention. And garlic.  –Captain_Tight

It’s a virus, there is no cure. you may as well infect all around you!  — Bold_Change


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