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84. National Handwashing Awareness Campaign, & commentary

Continued from Previous Post # 83

Photo: I caught Kelly Rowland being a gold digger but not the kind that will get you rich. This kind will get you sick!

I caught Kelly Rowland being a gold digger but not the kind that will get you rich. This kind will get you


IT is the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth.

This is how the majority of diseases enter OUR bodies. For Respiratory and Gastro-intestinal diseases it is the only  portal of entry!! This is why the 4th Principle of Hand Awareness is so important!!

t-zone poster

If You NEVER touch those mucous membranes with a dirty(contaminated) finger you will NOT be sick again from a respiratory or gastro-sick!

intestinal illness!! IMAGINE IT!! If you have pictures of people breaching the “T Zone” send them to us so we can share them. If we all practiced this 4th Principle there would NOT be a Pandemic! Imagine that!

Keep your eye on the adults to help re-train them. So they can teach the children the correct behavior.

“THANKS Henry!!”


Peggy The Doctor’s Wife Commentary

Dr. Will’s campaign is laudable,very important and quite needed, but I disagree with his exact recommended methods for how to train people to sneeze and cough. What he calls “Respiratory Etiquette.”

#1. It is a natural reflex to put your hands to your face in the “T-Zone” I doubt we will be successful to really change such behavior.  But the awareness of “germs” which are what we call everything bad that we can’t see, including viruses is helpful.

But I do NOT believe he is accurate in saying that touching your face is the ONLY way we get the viral infection….! Where is the evidence for this?



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