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85. National Handwashing awareness Week, part 3

Commentary continued from part 2

#2.  I also disagree with  Dr. Sawyer’s dismissal of coughing and sneezing techniques.

Sorry for those of you with delicate constitutions– we are about to get graphic here, OK? You can skip this part if you are particular to swooning in discussions of body fluids

So Sawyer says  “blow your nose into a kleenex, but if you have a scarf or handkerchief you sneeze into it and , ewwww, its all gooey, who wants that? so instead you throw an elbow…cough or sneeze into your elbow or shoulder”

I believe the #1 ideal Respiratory Etiquette is to cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue (Kleenex) crumple it up, throw it away and then wash and your hands.

OK, let’s not get tooooo extreme with this, but some Respiratory Etiquette is called for when you have a cold or flu

Second best way, which is more likely to happen. is to cough or sneeze into a scarf, or bandana, which most people can easily wear around their neck at all times.

Even a surgical mask would be great, as many people in Asia do, but that will take a lot of campaigning for that to catch on. (on my To Do list!)

It is not that hard to remember in the morning to just tie a scarf loosely around your neck, or stick a hanky in your pocket, and voila! you are safe for the day at a moment’s notice.

Third, if you get caught with an oncoming sneeze welling up inside your nasal cavity, an you don’t have immedicate access to a tissue or scarf, the next best thing is to just pull up your shirt and cough inside your shirt to capture the viruses.

Of course this won’t work for a LOT of mucous (unless you change your shirt immediately) but can be just fine for the occasional light sneeze. Regular t-shirts work beautifully for this, but cold infected persons could also prepare themselves better by wearing  turtleneck or females could wear lovely cowell-necked shirts for this very reason. Capture your germs!


But is it icky for the virus germs to get on your own shirt? Does that make you worse yourself?

Well best thing is to expel the germs out of your respiratory system. but having the virus on the OUTSIDE of your body doesn’t hurt you. It’s only when they get INSIDE your nose and throat area that they infect you. And they dont’ crawl inside themselves, you have to transport them somehow.

And remember you already have the virus, and as your immune system fights it off, you are becoming immune to getting it again.


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