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86. National Handwashing Week for Cold & Flu prevention part 5.


#4. Which is why I also disagree with Dr. Sawyer’s statement that the ONLY way the virus gets inside is touch. In fact I believe  it is not even the MAIN way they get inside.

The main way virus particles come into your body to infect you is that you BREATHE them in, not by touch or eating.

This is a theory, true, and should be tested with research studies, but doesn’t it make more sense?

Rather than scaring you into being paranoid  to not touch anything with your hands, focus more on preventing BREATHING in the virus from another infected person, by keeping a few feet away, and by the sick person doing their best to CAPTURE the germs in a hankie instead of coughing/sneezing the germs into the broad air around you.

But it is the old fashioned way, when the infectious nature of cold viruses were first discovered at the Common Cold Unit during World War II that people were first encouraged to prevent spread of cold viruses. Back in the good olden days when EVERYONE with carried a handkerchief for a variety of personal hygiene uses.

And wild men were no exception.  Even Cowboys wore bandanas around their neck, useful for spur of the moment sneezes, as well as keeping the trail dust out of their mouths as they gallopped after those stray cattle.

“Capture your sneezes” was the title of a poster from the landmark book “Cold Wars” on the common cold.It was a good habit then and needs to come back into popular custom again.

Or is it just here in California that almost no one carries handkerchiefs anymore???

But lest I sound too critcizing and negative, I do give Kudos to Dr. Sawyer for being a big step up from prescribing those despicable antibiotics or Over the Counter remedies for our favorite pestilence. At least we are getting closer to the real ways to prevent and car for our colds.

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