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99. IS this a cold or the norovirus?

Now that we know what  a “Norovirus is” (a basic stomach flu) does this person have it?


It’s a sore throat, probably caused by a cold virus. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But the symptoms of a cold vary so widely that a lot of people are confused by it.  And that’s why up to 50% of people coming into ER’s are coming in because they are scared that their strange symptoms could be some more dangerous disease, so the want to make sure.

But the answer given below emphasizes taking pills to make your immune system stronger. In fact, those pills probably do not, but the best thing for that is exercise.

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife


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Is this the common cold?

My throat is really sore and my nose feels like it is burning.

Is it the start of the norovirus? I am terrified of it :(

Answers (3)

  • Stop being such a ******* hypochondriac
  • It could be any common cold virus. Go get some wellness pills- hard tabs- at the health stores
    or online. They will boost your immune system and you will get rid of anything fast. My family
    has used these for 15 years only when getting sick.
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  • Its a cold
    • 2 days ago

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