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44. ER patient’s cold led to earache

Yesterday a patient of Dr. Bob’s in the ER was a 9 year-old boy. His parents spoke Spanish. The boy had been having an earache for an hour, so the parents brought him into the Emergency Room at 4 a.m. in the MORNING!!!

Bob sees a lot of patients like this, in fact during the upcoming cold & flue season, up to 50% of the patients walking into his ER are coming for just a common cold.

missing night sleep from cold

colds can interfere with our important sleep at night

Bob quickly taught him a technique he didn’t know— auto insuflation of his eardrum — pushing air through your Eustacian tube to balance the air pressur

This technique is commonly known by most of us as “popping our ears.”  We do it when we go up or down in altitude, . We just hold our nose & mouth closed and blow a bit of air from our lungs to pop out our eardrums when they are pushed inward.

If you don’t, such as when you swim to the bottom of a pool, your ears can really hurt!

An easy fix! Once he learned how to pop his ears, he instantly felt better and learned how he could do that himself.

But what led to the painful earache is that the boy had been suffering with a cold for many weeks.

“He just can’t get over his cold” the parents complained.  They were not running any heat in their home. The parents did not know that cold weather and cold temperature was contributing to his cold. No doubt they probably felt they were saving money by not turning on the heat.

So instead, they come to the Emergency room at 4 a.m. on a Saturday, at a minimum cost (to someone)  of $425 to have their son seen.

That money could have paid for nice toasty heating for their home for, probably a couple of months right? Preventing all of them from getting colds and from missing at least one whole night’s sleep.

If only they had known, they could have saved him, and their whole family, weeks of misery.

And now they do know what to do —  take 2 warm steamy showers a day, run a hot steam vaporizer and follow the rest of our chart of tips.  He will get over his cold and his earache in just a day or two.

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