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36. From whence comes philosophies of healthcare?

Important, then, that we realize what the underlying philosophy is for the various types of advice, and decide whether we agree with it or not. we must decide which kind of philosophy of health we want to use to align our healthcare with.

Like a lot of health and lifestyle advice, each set of advice is based on some philosophy of “Truth” that  you  are advised to align yourself with. Oftentimes the philosophies come from religious beliefs such as Hindu/Buddhist/Christian/Islam/Jewish and many others. For example, the acupuncture practices come from Qigong  or “Life Energy Cultivation” in Chinese Buddhism, based on their philosophy of the “Qi” life force that they believe flows through our bodies.

some of the religious philosophies of the world are basis for common cold advice

where does your common cold advice come from?

Who am I to say which one is right? Yikes, Not little old me!   That is for another section of the internet called “Religion/Philosophy,” and I want to make friends here, not enemies!

And I’m a journalist who has many friends from other religions with whom I love to respectfully share our differing beliefs and always have the attitude of respect and learning from one another.

But, as a journalist, I can at least I can point out the source of some of the popular advice on the common cold, and you, the reader can choose which you agree with most.

Thus, if we understand the underlying philosophies, we can quickly sort through much of the advice about the common cold and  realize how to evaluate the many, MANY proposed common cold remedies that are floating around us every winter season.

Does this make sense? So as we progress, you can decide which  philosophy of health you want to align yourself with. Which philosophy you believe will bring you the best health and happiness. Then you can step out in confidence, knowing which is the right path for you to take.

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