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1. Welcome to Pollard Press home page

Greetings new fans of Pollard! 

This website is the main menu for the various websites and products offered by Pollard Press, featuring the upcoming books by Peggy and Dr. Bob Pollard.

Our first book’s working title “Your Common Cold: an ER physician’s Guide to how to get better 7 times faster, and why all medicine you buy and most of what you hear doesn’t work.”

Info in the book is based on Dr. Bob’s medical training from the University of California San Francisco, and developed in his 25 years treating thousands of patients in his Emergency Room and Urgent Care clinics in Northern Calfornia informed by the preponderance of data from medical reasearch that has been publicized in mainstream medicine.. The book is now being researched and written in August 2012. Predicted publication is in Spring 2013.

We will be conducting surveys and collecting stories related to the Common Cold. If you have a story of what does or does not work for you,  good bad, funny or sad, wacky, zany, homespun or anything of interest to our readers, please email Peggy! I’d be glad to hear and consider it for our book.

If you would like to test out our therapy yourself and give feedback please let us know.

Recipes of your favorite food or drink to get you through your colds are welcome too!

Here’s to your good health!

Peggy Pollard, author, August 21, 2012


2 Responses so far.

  1. Peggy Pollard says:

    Dear Pollard Press, I believe the world is waiting for you. You have arrived right on time to be a light of truth and health and a channel for God’s love to many people. May this website be stone of rememberance for what God has done through us. The embarking of a wonderful new era of life for the Pollard family to pass on many blessings we have been privileged to receive in our education and history and pay them forward to bless many more people.
    Love to all from Peggy P!

  2. Francisca Perez- Fuller says:

    You are just wonderful, in many ways as a mom, a friend, grandma.
    We are very lucky to have you in our lives, we love you very much.
    see you soon, till then take care!!!!

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