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6. How Do You Get A Common Cold?

How do you get a Common Cold?

Medical sideway view of sinus and upper respiratory

Cold viruses enter your nose and mouth and multiply there until they take over your cells, then you feel it as a scratchy throat! Then your body must fight them off with your immune system.

You get a Common cold when one type of virus, of the more than 200 virus types that give you the Common Cold, invades your body through your nose or mouth.

The virus  is very simple, some RNA with a protein coating. The virus usually comes in from the air breathed through your nose or mouth, or from contact from your hand to your face.

After the virus enters your nose and mouth, the virus attaches to your cells, enters into them, and hijacks your cells RNA reproduction machine.

The virus uses the cell’s RNA to become its slave factory to  start making virus RNA, which gets surrounded by a coat of protein. Your cells start making a whole army of them, until your good cell explodes and releases an invading army of virus into the local tissue. The virus then invades other nearby cells,

You don’t get a Common Cold ONLY from cold temperature.

You get the Common Cold from one of more than 200 types of virus. But we believe that the cold temperature also contributes to you getting a cold.

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